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Crochet Patterns for Dad

This year is CRAZY, and yet time continues to fly. Did you realize that Father’s Day is next weekend already? Are you, like me, totally behind the gun and have no clue what you’re going to get the Big Guy this year? Fear not, my friends have come to the rescue and shared their most popular Dad Gift patterns!

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I have made my hubby a lot of gifts out of yarn over the years, but I have never managed to actually write a pattern for any of them. So he gets the benefit of OOAK  (one of a kind) gifts, but I lost the benefit of actually having something to share with you. Luckily, my friends have not been so stingy with their pattern writing and have graciously shared their designs with us! So without further fluff, here we go:

Straight Hooked Dad's Soap on a Rope Through The Loop Yarn Craft

1. Dad’s Soap on a Rope from Through The Loop Yarn Craft (free)

Soap on a Rope is not only useful, but somehow humorous as well. Honestly, I don’t get the joke, but I remember hearing the chuckles since I was a small child in the 80’s. What I love about Ashley’s design is that the mesh bag holds a bar of soap, which will assist in both the sudsing and drying, PLUS, unlike commercial soaps on ropes, this one is 100% reusable! You can’t beat that, can you?

Straight Hooked Boho Cozy Slippers A Crafty Concept

2. Boho Slippers from A Crafty Concept (free)

Growing up, my dad was always telling me to put something on my feet. I did not listen. Then my husband started telling me to put something on my feet, and I still did not listen, until the day he and I were doing a project and we had left a sharp metal shelf on the floor. I hopped up, barefoot, to run across the hall for a tape measure or something, and ran right over that sharp shelf. Sliced my foot wide open! My dad would have been so proud to know that I am finally heeding his (and my hubby’s) advice- I now ALWAYS have something on my feet!

These cute slippers aren’t just for Dad. The pattern includes sizing from toddler to Adult Men and Women, so if you’re so inclined, you could make a pair for the whole family!

Straight Hooked Worm on a Hat Hook With Alex

3. Worm on a Hat Hook from With Alex (free)

 Seriously, how cute is this? If the dad in your life loves fishing, he probably is in desperate need of a crocheted worm to decorate his favorite fishing hat and doesn’t even realize it! Imagine the joy on his face when you show him how you’ve decorated his hat special with something to make him think of you and your hard work while he’s out relaxing by the lake!

Straight Hooked Men's Scarf Golden Lucy Crafts

4. Men’s Scarf from Golden Lucy Crafts (free)

I am so drawn to these colors, but of course you could make your man’s scarf in aany colors you like. I love how manly the stitchwork is. Even the fringe somehow feels masculine when matched up with these stitch combinations! My hub has asked me on several occasions to make him a scarf, but all of my attempts come out way too girly. Next time he requests a scarf, I will most definitely be referring myself to this pattern!

Straight Hooked Quick and Easy Blanket Fosbas Designs

5. Quick and Easy Blanket from Fosbas Designs (free)

Let’s not pretend that dudes don’t like blankets. They do, because blankets are the BEST! My hubs asks me to make him a new blanket every year, and I usually wing it by making him something simple. This year, I think I will mix it up and follow a pattern for a change. Can you guess which pattern I’m going to use? (Hint: look up)

I love the texture and color changes in Susanna’s design, PLUS the fact that she has advertised it as “quick”! The last blanket my spouse commissioned took me a record 15 months to make (usually I make blankets in under one month) because he wanted me to do the Waffle Stitch, and it turns out that I despise doing that stitch, hahaha!

Straight Hooked Men's Classic Beanie Rich Textures Crochet

6. Men’s Classic Beanie from Rich Textures Crochet (free)You know what else my hubby has asked me to make him, but I just can’t seem to figure out an manly-enough design? Beanies. Try as I might, I just end up making beautiful beanies that are way to big to fit on a lady’s head, and into the frog pile they go. Thankfully, Sarah has already figured out the secret to manly headwear, so when he shaves his head and asks me again for a beanie, I will be able to wow my spouse by actually producing a hat he won’t be afraid to wear in public! I love that she has included 2 styles to choose from with this great free pattern, and I am really looking forward to making them both!

Straight Hooked Dude Pullover Sweater Two Brothers Blankets

7. Dude Pullover Sweater from Two Brothers Blankets ($)

First, I just love the clever name for this sweater. Michelle is the Crocheted Garment Queen, so right off the bat, you know this pattern is going to be easy to follow and your sweater is going to work up like a dream! And what better way to celebrate a dad and his lad than to make them matching sweaters? Um, off the top of my head, I can think of nothing.

Straight Hooked Beer Thirty Mittens Sweet Potato 3

8. Beer Thirty Mitten Cozy from Sweet Potato 3 ($)

Yes, I know it is summer right now, but I also know that time flies, and football season is creeping up on us. I dare you to find me a dad who could not use these awesome gloves, which keep the beer cold and the hands warm! 

Sidenote: Christine and I have been in a little Instagram race for the past few months to see who could reach 1000 followers first. (Full disclosure, she beat me) Now that we have both met our goal, we are doing a giveaway together next week! Be sure to follow her on Instagram for your chance to win!

Straight Hooked Fishing Bobber With Alex

9. Fishing Bobber/Floaty from With Alex (free)

Seriously, how flipping cute is this little guy!? I love that he has eyes! The perfect quick gift for the fishing dad in your life, and he will pair so well with the Worm on a Hook above (also from With Alex, what a coincidence that they would pair so well together!) I kinda wish I was a fisherwoman, just so I could make me a couple of these little dudes, but alas, I despise mosquitoes and being quiet!

Straight Hooked Tunisian Man Scarf Raffmusa

10. Tunisian Man Scarf from Raffmusa Designs (free)Have you tried Tunisian Crochet yet? Its the crochet stitch that looks like knitting! I have dabbled with the Tunisian method a bit, but I am by no means a master yet. This is a great pattern for beginners to learn the method, PLUS you end up with a fabulous masculine scarf at the end! You can’t beat that, now can you?

Straight Hooked Dad's Can Cozy Rows and Roses

11. Dad’s Can Cozy from Rows and Roses (free)

If I had been an avid crocheter when my dad was still on Earth, he’d have loved having about a zillion “Koozies” as he called them. Does my spouse have a few? You betcha, but his are pretty boring and whipped up real quick with super bulky yarn with the ends never being woven in. I’ll bet he would appreciate it if I made him one with this pattern. It has great texture, which not only is visually appealing, but helps prevent slippage. AND I could make these in Denver Broncos colors, which he would probably appreciate more than his current hot pink one, which happened to be the yarn nearby and his wife was just too lazy to get off her butt and find a manly hue 🙂

Straight Hooked Beer Growler Cozy Moogly

12. Beer Growler Cozy from Moogly (free)

If the dad in your life is a microbrewery kind of guy, he could likely benefit from one of these bad boys. Not only will they keep your jug o’ beer cold, but on a hot day, these will absorb that pesky condensation and prevent the dropping of a precious beer! Now that’s what I call a win-win!

Straight Hooked Boston Slouch Hat Two Brothers Blankets

13. Boston Slouch Hat from Two Brothers Blankets ($)

Slouch hats are all the rage these days, and the texture of this one is just fabulous. The pattern has sizes from toddler to adult, which makes this another perfect idea for a “Dad and Lad” photo opportunity! (Hey- you could make these AND the Dude Sweater for your guys!)

Straight Hooked Mellow Mushroom With Alex

14. Mellow Mushroom from With Alex (free)

This cute little guy would make the perfect desk or dashboard buddy to always remind Dad that he is loved! This was Alexandra’s very first pattern, but I’ll bet you can’t tell! I may need to make one of these for myself and see if I can’t get rid of that pesky “I can’t ami” curse. Or I can ask my kid to make it for me, since she’s so ami-talented! 

Straight Hooked Bring Your Own Bag Moogly

15. Bring Your Own Bag from Moogly (free)

 Okay, this pattern is not only super cute, but also flippin’ genius! No more carrying that weak cardboard that could break at any moment, plus he could carry 6 of any beverage. AND- when your hubby isn’t toting some drinks to a barbecue or a buddy’s house to watch a game, YOU could borrow it and keep 6 colors of yarn in it! (Or you could just make one for yourself, since you’re so crafty!)

Straight Hooked Dapper Dad Pullover MJ's Off The Hook Designs

16. Dapper Dad Pullover from MJ’s Off The Hook Designs (free)

 I could totally see my dad wearing this sweater. My hubby, not so much. I’ve never seen him wear a sweater in nearly 15 years, so that’s not an attack on this fabulous design. He is just a hot dude and only wears sleeves if he is in a tie. I kinda wish either he was a cold dude or my dad was still around, because this sweater looks like a lot of fun to make!

Straight Hooked Mens Thermal Set Kickin' Crochet

17. Men’s Thermal Set from Kickin’ Crochet ($)

 I think this set is so great. Super manly texture, and I’m just a sucker for fingerless gloves. Seriously. I’ve been chopping off the fingers of gloves since long before the concept became popular. Maybe I even started the craze, but I doubt it. Nobody has ever looked to me for fashion advice! I also love that these example photos are in a color that matches thermal underwear, although you could make them in any color. Black would look especially nice, if you are a glutton for punishment 🙂

Straight Hooked Men's Cabled Golf Cap Moogly

18. Men’s Cabled Golf Cap from Moogly (free)The spouse of mine has been asking me to make him one of these for a long time, and I have yet to figure it out. Thank goodness for Tamara- I think I will sit down this weekend and whip one of these bad boys up. My hubs will be so surprised! Maybe he will even let me take a picture of him in it, but I won’t hold my breath. He has let me take exactly 8 pictures of him in the whole time I have known him.

Straight Hooked Water Bottle Holder Carroway Crochet

19. Water Bottle Holder from Carroway Crochet (free)

What is it about carrying a purse that leads men to think we should just carry their stuff for them? My husband is always loading my down with his stuff, and while I have often suggested that he would benefit from a “Murse”, he’s just not about that. My biggest complaint is the water bottle he thinks I would love to carry around with me. Dude, do you realize that my purse is already 42 lbs from all of my own crap? This water bottle holder is a perfect gift idea, albeit a little selfish. No worries, just gift it under the guise of “practicality” and you’ve got yourself a winning gift idea!

Straight Hooked Entirely Easy Men's Scarf Stitching Together

20. Entirely Easy Men’s Scarf from Stitching Together (free)

I gotta be honest here, this scarf looks far from “Entirely Easy”, and that’s what I love about it! You probably know that I am a huge fan of crocheted items that look complicated, but are actually easy to do. Who knew that there were so many stylish but manly ways to crochet a scarf? I feel like a whole new world has been opened up for me now!

 I hope you found at least one project that will make the perfect gift for the Dad in your life. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram right away so you can get in on the giveaway Sweet Potato 3 and I are hosting next week!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!

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