Friendship Triangle Scarf- FREE Crochet Pattern

Today is Free Pattern Friday! For this project, you can of course use any worsted weight yarn you choose, but I highly recommend that you try some ALC hand-dyed Superwash Merino Wool from Avery Lane Creations. My friend Nicky, the owner, sent me a hank of her gorgeous yarn and I absolutely fell in love.

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Pattern Release: the Mermaid Waves Shawl

I wanted to create a lightweight summer shawl which would be perfect for keeping your arms warm on a chilly evening or in an overly air conditioned building. (Seriously, why do they keep buildings at 45 degrees in the summer? It feels so strange to need a coat to go INSIDE!) You can choose any sport weight yarn you like, grab your favorite 5mm hook, and get going on creating yourself the perfect summer shawl!

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Pattern Release: Pen and Gwen Baby Penguins

“I'm super excited for my first 2020 pattern release! I impromptu made this little guy about 2 weeks ago, after simply saying "I'm going to make a penguin" and running with it. I designed this ami with the sewing in mind. I know one of the struggles of ami can be getting the placement of all the different pieces just right, and even with detailed written instructions, it doesn't always come out right. From the exposed loops on the bottom of the body for the feet, that align perfectly with the little white belly, to the flippers matching up just at the edge of the belly, to the start of sewing the body right where the penguin's "mask" begins, visual guides for sewing on the ami itself, and not just the pattern, were a big part of the design. There are a lot of color changes, adding some complexity, but it gives such a clean look to the penguin that I'm super proud of! I hope you enjoy creating this ami as much as I did!”

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Pattern Release: the Spring Breeze (no-fall) Shawl

I designed my new Spring Breeze (no-fall) Shawl to be exactly that: A sweater or something. You see, I have always loved shawls. They provide just the right amount of warming up your arms and letting your cute new shirt be visible. But my frustration with them has always been that they have a tendency to fall off and more than likely, land in the mud. Gross, and now I have to choose whether to have cold arms or wear a muddy item. Sometimes, this is not an obvious choice.

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Delightful Velvet Headband- FREE Crochet Pattern

One of the things I've been reading on social media is that people get frustrated when the velvet yarn stretches, especially when making items like headbands. My headband pattern includes a hair elastic at the base of the neck and is made intentionally small to allow for the stretch. This headband has been a big seller for me, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

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Stars and Stripes Head Wrap- FREE Crochet Pattern

The Stars and Stripes Headband is my first pattern using my signature Dolphin Stitch. I love this stitch because of its texture and versatility. This stitch is easy to master, works up quickly, and is already loved by hundreds of crocheters. If you are a visual person when it comes to learning a new stitch, please bookmark this site and check back regularly for a video tutorial!

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