Winter Celebration Giveaway

Winter Celebration Giveaway


Winter Celebration Giveaway Straight Hooked


Hello friends, and Happy December! We've made it to the final month of 2020!!! This year has simultaneously been the longest year ever and flown by- at least, that's how its been for me. There have been so many challenges and changes this year; globally, locally and even personally. But for me, 2 things that have remained the same are the love of my family and my love for crochet. All of this extra time at home has allowed me to publish new patterns at a rate that really surprised me. In 2019 I published 3 patterns. This year I have published 14 so far, and there are at least 3 more coming later this month! How many will I be able to bring in 2021, I wonder?

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Straight Hooked Winter Celebration Giveaway

Today, I want to share this awesome pattern giveaway with you- 7 designers, including myself, are each offering a pattern that you can snag for FREE any time between December 1 and 8! This event was organized by The Knotty Designer, and I am thrilled to be a part of it. Check out all of the patterns below, and just click the photo to be taken to each designer's site where you can download the FREE pattern by entering the code Celebration2020 at checkout:

Straight Hooked Winter Celebration Giveaway 2020




Elf Ear Hat CrochetRox

Elf Ear Hat from Crochet Rox



Velvet Twirl Messy Bun Hat StraightHooked

Velvet Twirl Messy Bun Hat from Straight Hooked



Roller Skate Stocking My Fingers Fly

Roller Skate Stocking from My Fingers Fly



Awesome Bohemian Beanie Handmade Rose Bag

Awesome Bohemian Beanie from Handmade Rose Bag



Herringbone Beanie and Cowl Jo's Crafty Hook

Herringbone Beanie and Cowl set from Jo's Crafty Hook



Chimney Bottle Bag The Knotty Designer

Chimney Bottle Bag from The Knotty Designer


Christmas Wreath Ornament from Pine Tree Crochet

Christmas Wreath Ornament from Pine Tree Crochet



Straight Hooked Winter Celebration Giveaway

So there you have it- 7 patterns from 7 designers available for FREE for 7 days only. Which one is your favorite? Personally, I can't choose because they are all so fabulous!

Don't forget to bookmark Straight Hooked and subscribe to the Straight Awesome newsletter- I have quite a few surprises coming this month, and even more crochet awesomeness coming in 2021!


Until next time,

Happy Hooking!




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