The Spring Exclusives Curated by Cosy Rosie UK event has arrived!

The Spring Exclusives Curated by Cosy Rosie UK event has arrived!

Happy April, my friends!

There are going to be a LOT of fun things happening this month, but I will start with my big announcement first- Cosy Rosie UK is hosting an unprecedented event this month, and I have been chosen to participate!

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The Spring Exclusives event is unlike any other- myself and 30 other designers each have a BRAND NEW pattern that will be released this month, and each day we will be offering our new premium patterns at 50% off for 24 hours! That means EVERY day in April, you can grab a pattern on its release day for half off!


Spring Exclusives how it works

Pretty awesome, isn't it? But wait until you hear this-

If you don't want to wait for each day's release, you can purchase all 31 patterns RIGHT NOW and be among the FIRST people to have access to all of these amazing patterns, and the total cost is less than $1 per pattern!

Spring Exclusives pattern bundle Straight Hooked affiliate

Plus, if you use my affiliate link to purchase the bundle, I will give you 2 of my patterns for FREE! You will get all 31 Spring Exclusive patterns, PLUS both the Mermaid Waves Shawl and the Pen and Gwen Baby Penguins patterns- that's 33 crochet patterns for just $18!

Straight Hooked Bundle Bonus

Click HERE to grab the Spring Exclusives Bundle PLUS a special bonus from me available only through my affiliate link!

You can ONLY get my bonus bundle with the purchase of the Spring Exclusives Pattern Bundle through my affiliate link! Seriously- the bundle isn't even available for purchase in the Straight Hooked pattern store.

Check out all of the amazing designers who are participating in this event:

Spring Exclusives Curated by Cosy Rosie UK participants

If you don't wish to purchase the bundle right away, you can still grab the patterns you love at 50% off on their release day this month, and to kick off this amazing event, today there are TWO patterns being released! Head on over to Cosy Rosie UK for all the details on today's amazing patterns and every day for the details on who's fabulous pattern release is happening! Each pattern will be available for 24 hours only, starting at 8am GMT, so make sure to hurry!

Here's just a little taste of the amazing crochet patterns being released this month:

Spring Exclusives preview 1

Spring Exclusives preview 2

PLUS, here's a sneak peek at my Siren Soul Scarf which is coming out later this month:

Straight Hooked Siren Soul Scarf preview- Spring Exclusives

I am absolutely in LOVE with my newest pattern, and I know you will be too! I can't tell you which day this month will be the release day, so if you want it, along with 30 other amazing patterns in the Spring Exclusives event PLUS my Mermaid Waves Shawl and Pen and Gwen Baby Penguins patterns, use my affiliate link and grab the bundle today!

Spring Exclusives Bundle Straight Hooked affiliate

OR- visit Cosy Rosie UK today and every day this month for the featured daily pattern release from one of my amazing designer friends!

Spring Exclusives Curated by Cosy Rosie UK

Be sure you also join my mailing list and Subscribe to the Straight Awesome newsletter, because this awesome event is only one of the many fun things happening this month at Straight Hooked, and I don't want you to miss out!

Stay tuned for more to come this month, and as always- Happy Hooking!




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