The First Big Order

The First Big Order was launched in Late October of this year, and I received orders quickly. One order in particular was for 12 items, and I am proud to announce that I have completed every item requested and now my fingers have some downtime! (Not really, I still have a couple of Christmas presents to finish for my family, but paid orders are fulfilled at this moment.)

I was asked to make items in various colors for each recipient, but given complete creative control over designs. What a tremendously fun way to start my little business! 

The last tag was sewn on late last night, and this morning I brought each item into my studio for a little photoshoot! I have been wanting a few more models to join Patty and Natalie, but I don't have them as of yet and had to improvise to get everything photographed. (I'm sorta hoping my husband will read my blog post and maybe I shall find a new mannequin under the tree.)

In total, there are 4 hats, 2 scarves, 2 sets of gloves (made by my daughter, the "Jr.Hooker"), and 4 shawls. I even designed a new shawl pattern while creating this order, and that pattern will be available early next year. 

I even had time to create a few fun festive pictures of these newly made items!

Currently, I have no pending orders, which is bittersweet, as I never imagined I would get as busy as I have been so quickly, but my house is a disaster and I have barely begun any Christmas shopping for my family. Now I should have a little time to catch up domestically, but if a new order comes in, I will surely get right to work!

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