That One Time When I Lost my Crojo (and how I found it again)

That One Time When I Lost my Crojo (and how I found it again)

I lost my crojo a few weeks back. I spent most of last year crocheting items to stock my store and build my brand, and once launched, I received several orders, one of which was very large and took over 6 weeks to fulfill. I was absolutely thrilled to be so busy so soon after announcing that I would be selling my creations, but toward the end of the big order, I lost my drive. Honestly, it worried me. I forced myself through finishing my orders, but I was afraid that I had ruined my favorite hobby by trying to turn it into a business. Once my orders were finished and delivered, I took a few days off from crocheting, hoping that I just needed a break. I had a Christmas present to finish for my daughter, and that waffle blanket for my husband still looming in the background. I forced myself to finish my daughter's gift, but couldn't bring myself to even work on my husband's blanket. (Sorry, Babe!) 

Christmas came and went, and I tried to crochet, but my heart wasn't there. Meanwhile, my daughter was creating new amigurumi creatures and beginning her first huge project. The yarn love just wasn't' there for me. I went to Wal-Mart and didn't want to fondle the yarn. Seriously? Yarn fondling is my most favorite part of a trip to Wal-Mart! Something was definitely wrong here. 

The New Year came, and I knew I had been neglecting my business. My family had bought me some Lion Brand Mandala cakes for my birthday, so I decided to start a baby blanket. I made progress, but not at my usual rate. My daughter and I went to Wal-Mart, and she wanted to go to the yarn aisle. There was something new I had never seen before- Velvet yarn, which I had been reading about from other crocheters, right there in the Wal-Mart! Obviously, I had to buy one ball of each color. But what was I going to make? Eh, who cares. It feels soo good to my fingers!

Lion Brand Velvet Yarn

I had a feeling that the velvet yarn was going to be a real nightmare of untangling yarn barf if I didn't have a true plan of where to go, so I resisted my urge to play with it for a while. This past Saturday morning, I was on Facebook "checking my news" like usual, when I came across a fellow crocheter's post with her free pattern for a velvet headband. I just happened to have a ball of velvet who needed a purpose and a snowy, lazy day, so I decided to make the headband. (I have not finished it yet, but I will!) Check out And She Laughs and the Velvet headband pattern here

About midday, I hopped on Instagram and came across a lady who was looking for testers for her new velvet scrunchie pattern. Obviously, I volunteered. I mean, I still had 4 other balls of velvet with no destiny as of yet. The scrunchie worked up quickly, but on my last row, the yarn became inundated with bald spots and looked ridiculous, so I tied my hair up in it, loose end of yarn and all, and made a second one. This one came out so beautifully, and now I want to not only make one in each of the colors I bought, but I also want to hit up the craft store and buy more colors. I should also mention that while I have not yet finished the headband, it feels so ridiculously amazing already. I will definitely be finishing it in the next day or so, and perhaps I will even model it myself! Find the pattern for the scrunchie from Northern Town Girl Crochets here

On Sunday, my husband was trying to find something to watch on Hulu, and asked me if I had ever watched Desperate Housewives. I hadn't actually, because when it first came out, I had a toddler and one tv, so you know Dora the Explorer was running on a constant loop. He accidentally hit play on the pilot while we were discussing my Dora the Explorer marathons, and within seconds I was fully mesmerized. Without my eyes leaving the screen, I reached for the butterfly blanket and crochet hook on my side table and began to hook away. I'm not proud of this, but we watched 12 episodes and I stayed up way too late because I just had to know what was going to happen next! Now, this I am proud of- I made some serious progress on the baby blanket while watching that dramatic show!

Butterfly Baby Blanket

I realized that my crojo loss was directly tied to my lack of something entertaining to binge watch. All of my regular shows had taken a hiatus for the holidays, and I had watched everything interesting on Netfllix. A little introspection- for me, bored with TV= bored with crochet. Fascinating. Now I'm itching to see what is going to go down next on Wisteria Lane and finish up that blanket and headband!


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