Technnical Difficulties... And then some

Technnical Difficulties... And then some

Oh my goodness, it feels like its been forever since I posted to the blog! I have been experiencing a few "technical setbacks" with getting this new website up and running, (thank goodness for free trials) but now I am back and, in my opinion, the website looks much better than before! 

I had originally started the site through a different host, and while the interface was easy to use and I had no issue creating pages and posting, my site just would not talk to Pinterest! I contacted customer service, I tried a litany of different settings, and it just would not play ball. That's when I ran an internet search on the issue (I'm married to an IT guy, you'd think searching for help from others would be my first move, but nah) and I discovered that this was a common issue, one which had no solution but to go with another host and start my site over from scratch. 

So... that's where I've been. I spent all of last week moving everything over, creating new pages, trying to get everything all just right before my free trial ended on the other host because I really didn't want to have a gap in time where my website that I have spent so much time promoting was not online. It almost worked, but then on Saturday when I was ready to go live with the new version, I realized I had forgotten one very important thing- payments. So if you've been obsessively checking the website for a new blog post because you just can't get enough of my witty flavor, I apologize that you couldn't get in. The good news is that I'm back now, baby!


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