Pattern Release: the Woven Winter Pillow

Pattern Release: the Woven Winter Pillow

Hello my friends!

I am so excited to share another pattern release with you today. My spouse had been requesting that I make new pillows for a very long time, and I finally surprised him by creating this new design. Luckily, I managed to get some pictures before I showed it to him, because as soon as he squished it in his big manly hands, he gave his grunt of approval and refused to give it back!

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Straight Hooked Woven Winter Pillow pattern release

I ended up making a second Woven Winter Pillow to match the Woven Winter Blanket (that pattern won't be officially released until January), and I see what my hubby's deal was. This pillow rocks! The texture is great, and the prefabricated pillow form I purchased at the Walmart fits snugly inside which makes the pillow fluffier and stiffer than the rest of our old throw pillows that we have loved maybe a little too much over the years.

I gotta just take a minute to give a little nod to my spouse here (in case one day he gets bored and decides to see if I ever talk about him in my blog!)

He has been so encouraging with my crochet designs. He helps me choose colors when I am ordering yarn, (actually, I think he picked these colors now that I think of it!) He helps me name my projects when I am totally stumped, although I don't always use his full suggestion. (When I showed him the Spiral Donut Cowl, his suggestion was "Ass Donut", but the donut part made the cut!) And he gives me suggestions of what to design when I am feeling stumped. I am very lucky to be married to my very best friend and have his support and approval as I spend endless hours either at my desk working on blog posts and pattern publishing or buried in yarn on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy.

Straight Hooked Woven Winter Pillow Pattern Release

Anyway... about this new pattern. You will need 3 colors of your favorite worsted yarn. I used KnitPicks Brava, courtesy of WeCrochet. You will also need a pillow form. I purchased a 2 pack from Walmart for about $10.00. I prefer to use a crafting pillow form rather than stuffing with polyfil because it won't be lumpy and there is no risk of the fibers poking through.

I designed this pattern as part of the Winter Wonders event, and then I got excited about the design and made a matching throw blanket. If you choose to purchase the Winter Wonders pattern bundle through my affiliate link, I will give you the Woven Winter Blanket pattern as a free gift. Click the image below to grab the bundle:

Winter Wonders crochet pattern bundle Straight Hooked affiliate

Straight Hooked Woven Winter Pattern Bundle Pillow and Blanket

You can purchase the pillow and blanket in a mini bundle below: 


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You can also get the Woven Winter Pillow pattern by itself by clicking the Add to Cart button below:


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I know you are going to love your new Woven Winter Pillow. While you are here, check out the Black Friday sale! All patterns are buy 2, get 1 free, no code needed! Click on the image below for a list of all available patterns.

Straight Hooked Black Friday 2021

 I hope you will join the Straight Hookin' Crochet Community and share your projects with the group. I love seeing your work!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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