Pattern Release: The Siren Soul Scarf

Pattern Release: The Siren Soul Scarf

Straight Hooked Siren Soul Scarf Pattern Release Day

Hello my friends!

Wow, April is one BUSY month here at Straight Hooked! I have a total of 4 patterns released/being released this month, plus I somehow got involved in 5 separate collaboration projects. (I really should learn to look at the calendar- or actually put things IN the calendar!)

 What this means to you is that while it may feel like I am bombarding you with social media posts and emails, I am actually trying to make sure I share absolutely everything that I have going on this month. If you think reading all of my emails is tiring, try authoring all of them, haha!


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Straight Hooked Siren Soul Scarf Pattern Release


Today is a very exciting day though, because I can finally share my Siren Soul Scarf pattern with you! 


I designed this scarf to be a great accessory for any season, and I have even built in a handy way to keep it from falling off. It’s sort of like a buttonhole for your tassel, which makes it so you can adjust the tightness of your scarf as well!

 Straight Hooked Siren Soul Scarf Tassel detail

Straight Hooked Siren Soul Scarf Tassel Detail 2

I used some leftover bits of a Mandala Baby cake to design the pattern, but you can use any 3 weight yarn you would like to!

 As always, my PDF comes with full color photos and is formatted beautifully. You can get this pattern for FREE today only (7/16/21) as part of the Summer Vibes Blog Hop! Just click the button below, or click "Add to Cart" above!

Summer Vibes Blog Hop Straight Hooked Siren Soul Scarf pattern 

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Summer Vibes Pattern Bundle images

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Straight Hooked how to download free pattern

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Straight Hooked Siren Soul Scarf Pinterest


There are even more fun things in the works, happening now and later in the month, so be sure you are subscribed to the Straight Awesome newsletter, and join the fun in the Straight Hookin' Crochet Community so you will always be up to speed on all the new stuff happening over here!


Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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