Pattern Release: The Playful Poncho

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Greetings, my friends!

I am SO excited to share my newest pattern with you: the Playful Poncho!

Straight Hooked Playful Poncho Pattern Release

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The Playful Poncho is going to be your go-to fall accessory, and you'll probably want to wear it in the spring as well as the warmer winter days too! I had so much fun working on this design, and when I was finished my hubby put it on as a joke. Shockingly, it looked really good on him as well, which makes this the perfect unisex poncho pattern.

Straight Hooked Playful Poncho

I used Brava Worsted courtesy of WeCrochet, and I absolutely loved every minute I put into this design. Using stitch markers at each skipped stitch helped me turn this counting-intensive project into a fun, mindless project I could work on while watching TV and conversing with my spouse at night, which is always a plus over here at Straight Hooked Headquarters.

My favorite thing about this design is that you can wear it right side out or "wrong" side out, and each way looks slightly different due to the texture of the stitches:

Straight Hooked Playful Poncho right side out

Straight Hooked Playful Poncho wrong side out


The Playful Poncho was designed as part of the Fall Into Autumn blog hop and pattern bundle. You can grab all 34 patterns from this event in one awesome bundle to save over 90% on all of the patterns included. Click HERE to grab the bundle now using my affiliate link!

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You can grab your copy of the Playful Poncho pattern by clicking on "Add to Cart" below:





I know you are going to have SO much fun making your Playful Poncho, and I can't wait to see what color scheme you choose! Won't you join the Straight Hookin' Crochet Community on facebook so you can share pictures of this or any project with my friends and I? I hope to see you there soon!

Straight Hooked Playful Poncho Crochet Pattern

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!



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