Pattern Release: the Classic Coffee Cardigan

Pattern Release: the Classic Coffee Cardigan

Hello friends!

I am SO excited today, because I can finally share my Classic Coffee Cardigan pattern with you!

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Straight Hooked Classic Coffee Cardigan Pattern Release

I have been wanting to design a great sweater for a long time, but in all honesty the thought of all of the math involved in writing a garment pattern for multiple sizes intimidated the heck out of me.

However, I said at the beginning of this year that I would be pushing myself out of my creative box, and I was actually amazed at how little frogging I had to do to design my sweater!

I knew I wanted a long cardigan with bell sleeves, and I knew I wanted to use KnitPicks CotLin yarn courtesy of WeCrochet, but beyond that I really had no idea how I would design it. Something amazing happened when I started crocheting- the design just came to me and it was only a few days before I arrived on the famed "Sleeve Island", where I was marooned for only a day until I decided that my best route would be to start the sleeves at the wrist and join once I reached the armpit and shoulder.

Grab yourself some CotLin yarn using my affiliate link (It won't cost you any extra, but I might make a few cents!)



Straight Hooked Classic Coffee Cardigan

I haven't purchased any new clothes in an embarrassingly long time, and thanks to being a remote worker, I have no need to wear any un-stretchy pants. (I recommend, after discovering that literally none of my jeans fit anymore, that you pop a pair of jeans on at least once a month so you are made aware of any changes to your body's shape!) So while I had originally thought I was designing a small cardigan, when I asked my daughter to try it on, it looked ridiculously huge on her. That, and the fact that my pants don't fit led me to realize that I created a medium design sample. So began the task of mathing for the additional sizes, which now apparently required both addition and subtraction skills!

My testers and tech editor did a phenomenal job of catching errors and helping me to publish an error-free pattern! And true to my mission, this pattern is easy to follow and will leave you with a finished sweater that everyone will compliment!

Straight Hooked Classic Coffee Cardigan pattern release




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Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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