Pattern Release: the Alpine Aspen Scarf

Pattern Release: the Alpine Aspen Scarf

Hello my friends!

First, I want to apologize for the lack of posts for well over a month. Things have been pretty busy behind the scenes here at Straight Hooked Headquarters, and I have been designing several new patterns and unfortunately, falling behind on updating the blog. I am thrilled to be able to share the first of at least two October pattern releases with you today though! 

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 Straight Hooked Alpine Aspen Scarf

 Fall is my most favorite time of year because all of the best things happen. My favorite TV shows come back, the best foods are now socially acceptable to eat, and most importantly, the trees are at their most beautiful!

Straight Hooked Aspen Trees in Fall Collage

I grew up in the mountains, where we had 2 types of trees- Pine trees and Aspens. If you have never seen an Aspen tree in the fall, you are seriously missing out! For a brief window each year, the whole mountainside turns an amazing gold color before we get our first snow and the trees are bald until spring. Some years, the weather is nice for a few weeks and we can marvel in the beauty to our hearts' content, and other years we get a freak overnight snowstorm that brings the leaves down early.

Straight Hooked Alpine Aspen Scarf

Aspen trees have white bark with black spots, and as I was working up my new scarf pattern, I showed my hubby to ask his opinion, and he said, "That looks like an Aspen tree!"
I hadn't noticed it before, but he was totally right, which made the naming process for this design so easy!

Straight Hooked Alpine Aspen Scarf Pattern Release

The Alpine Aspen Scarf was designed as part of the Autumn Exclusives event hosted by my friend Fiona from Cosy Rosie UK, and I am absolutely thrilled that she asked me to be part of another of her "Exclusives" events! I love that so many designers come together to create brand new patterns and coordinate our release days so we can offer you brand new patterns at 50% off all month long.

Of course, if you're impatient or you just want to be able to save even more money on all of these wonderful patterns, you have the option of purchasing them all in one amazing bundle for over 90% off! Click my affiliate link here or the photo below to grab your Autumn Exclusives pattern bundle:

Autumn Exclusives pattern bundle Straight Hooked affiliate

Autumn Exclusives Bundle Straight Hooked affiliate

My testers blew me away with how fast they made their scarves. I'm never really able to gauge how fast a project will work up because there is a lot of pausing to frog or write instructions during the designing process. So what took me 3 weeks to design took my testers just a few days on average to complete, and the results were so fabulous! I know you are going to love this fun pattern. It is advanced beginner friendly and just complex enough to keep you interested, while also having a series of repeats that can be done while watching a show with your spouse or refereeing unruly children. Take a look at some of my testers' scarves:

Straight Hooked Alpine Aspen Scarf Tester Collage

Get your copy of the Alpine Aspen Scarf pattern by clicking the Add to Cart button below.

Alpine Aspen Scarf pattern

*Please note: if you are unable to get the pattern to stay in your cart, use the purple button below* (I don't know why the problem exists or how to fix it, but I do know it is an issue for a handful of you lovely people!)

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If you have a discount code, you can enter it once you reach the checkout. You can check out my FAQ page or the graphic below if you need a little help with the process, as my patterns are available exclusively here at Straight Hooked!

Straight Hooked Download FAQ

I would absolutely LOVE to see your finished Alpine Aspen Scarf. Won't you join the Straight Hookin' Crochet Community on facebook and share your crochet with us? I hope to see you there!

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