Pattern Release: Polar Rush Capelet

Pattern Release: Polar Rush Capelet

Straight Hooked Polar Rush Capelet and Beanie Bundle

Happy Friday, and also Merry Christmas! There is something extra magical about this Christmas, don't you think? It probably has something to do with the fact that we only have ONE MORE WEEK of this crazy year we call 2020, lol.

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I'm super excited to share one last pattern release with you this year! Well, actually two but they go together so they get to share a blog post.

Presenting the Polar Rush Capelet and the Polar Rush Beanie (I didn't get a chance to model them both for a picture, but if you can imagine my model Natalie's head on my capeleted body, you can totally get the idea!)


Straight Hooked Polar Rush Beanie

Straight Hooked Polar Rush Capelet

My daughter (who historically does not like many of my designs because they "look like they are for middle aged women", even asked for a Polar Rush set of her own, and I was able to start on Tuesday and have both of them finished and waiting under the tree for her! (Did I stay up until 4am the last 2 nights? Yes, obviously. But I have coffee, so its all good!)


The Polar Rush Capelet and Polar Rush Beanie are made using my signature Dolphin Stitch, which is a stitch I invented and absolutely love. It is so fun to do and creates amazing texture. See a video tutorial below:



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Both patterns are available in the Straight Hooked pattern shop, and there is also a BUNDLE of both patterns available so you can snag them together at a discount!

Straight Hooked Polar Rush Capelet

The Polar Rush Capelet pattern includes ladies sizes from Small to XXL, and is just so cozy! I often wear mine while working from home because the air conditioner hasn't gotten the memo that it is cold out and just keeps blowing on me!

You can grab the Polar Rush Capelet pattern by clicking Add to Cart below:

Straight Hooked Polar Rush Beanie

You can grab the Polar Rush Beanie pattern by clicking Add to Cart below as well....

Straight Hooked Polar Rush Bundle

Or you can save money by purchasing both patterns in the Polar Rush Bundle:

Both patterns are also included in the Fall Fashion Bundle, along with many more great patterns from some of my talented crochet designer friends!

Click my affiliate link to get the Fall Fashion Bundle!

*Please note, all of my patterns are available exclusively here at Straight Hooked. If you have not downloaded a pattern from me before, please review my FAQ or the graphic below for the steps to get your pattern*

Straight Hooked FAQ


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Because it is Christmas, I'm cutting this post a bit short, so I apologize if you were hoping for more entertainment from me today. Don't forget to grab your new patterns, and make sure you're subscribed to the Straight Awesome newsletter- I just might have some exclusive freebies coming in 2021!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


Straight Hooked Malena in Secret Santa Hat


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