Pattern Release: Introducing the Ice Cap Collection

Pattern Release: Introducing the Ice Cap Collection

Happy Friday! I am so sorry I didn't post last week. I had some health issues pop up and quite honestly just didn't feel like blogging. My testers have been very busy recently, however, and this month is another pattern palooza here at Straight Hooked. I have 2 brand new patterns to share with you today, and another one or possibly two still to come later in the month.


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Straight Hooked Ice Cap Collection

I now present to you the start of the Ice Cap Collection, which as of today includes the Ice Cap Beanie and the Ice Cap Fingerless Gloves! The Ice Cap Headband is headed out to testers soon, and the Ice Cap Scarf is still in development, along with another Ice Cap surprise that I will be sharing with you later in the year.





Straight Hooked Ice Cap BeanieStraight Hooked Ice Cap Fingerless Gloves

The Ice Cap series features my signature Dolphin Stitch, which I'm 94% sure I invented. I just love the texture of the Dolphin Stitch, which I used in the Stars and Stripes Head Wrap and Spring Breeze (no-fall) Shawl. I made a couple of tweaks to the stitch for the Ice Cap series, but it is still a super fun stitch that keeps you interested in your work and makes everyone say, "ooh, I love that stitch!"





Straight Hooked Ice Cap Beanie Pattern Release

The Ice Cap Beanie I designed for the Crochet Cancer Challenge, and it will be available later in the month for FREE, along with another surprise. I designed this hat in honor of my mother, who fought ovarian cancer for the last decade of her life. She absolutely hated the teal color they designated for her type of cancer, and I dare say she would have also hated the hat I designed, but as she was always cold, I named it the Ice Cap Beanie :)





Straight Hooked Ice Cap Gloves Pattern Release

I designed the Ice Cap Fingerless Gloves a couple month back, but hadn't written down the pattern or named them yet. Once I realized that the stitchery matched the hat, my gloves (and matching headband) had a name! And for the record, my mom would have loved this set! The color absolutely screams "my mom", and I know she would have stolen these from me the moment I tried to show them off. I used under a hank of ALC Yarns Hand-Dyed Superwash Merino for the set, and I still have a good little ball left over! In case you have been wondering, yes, you should definitely give this yarn a try! (I am not an affiliate, just a huge fan.) I wrote another pattern using this amazing yarn and gushed all about how much I love it a few months back when I released the Friendship Triangle Scarf, and I am still totally in love with this yarn!

Straight Hooked Ice Cap Headband Ice Cap Gloves WIP




So I guess that sums it up. Don't forget that all Straight Hooked patterns are on sale for 15% off this month, with no code needed, so make sure you snag a few patterns on your way out! Christmas is coming, and my designs would make fabulous gifts, if I do say so myself, hahaha!


Next week, another edition of Hooked In is coming, and I can't wait to introduce you to my friend Jen, so make sure you have this site bookmarked and come back every Friday for more fun here at Straight Hooked!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


Straight Hooked Ice Cap BeanieStraight Hooked Ice Cap Fingerless Gloves


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