Patchwork Mystery CAL Week Eight

Patchwork Mystery CAL Week Eight

Week 8. This post has been challenging to even get around to writing, because the pattern is beautiful, but getting through it was a huge challenge for me this week.

This week's square is called the Spring Pathways square created by CrochetALaDia. You can find the pattern HERE.
Patchwork Mystery CAL week Eight square
First off the bat, I was absolutely thrilled to see a square worked in rows and a solid color, because so many squares have been worked in the round, so I love the idea of changing it up so this blanket really looks patchwork-y. (Do you like that word? I just now invented it!)

What I did not realize on first glance was that this pattern was going to require some serious concentration. By row 3, I had already messed up and confused myself terribly. Once again, I had to consult the tutorial videos made for the CAL. I needed it for row 4 as well, although I think if I had been a little more patient with myself, I could have figured it out.

After row 4, I was good to go it seemed. It took me 3 days, but I finally finished my first square. I popped over to the Patchwork Mystery CAL Facebook group to see other crocheters' squares, and it was then that I noticed that I had completely skipped the middle section!
Patchwork Mystery CAL week Eight frogged square
The square went in "time out" for the night, and I had intended to take a picture of my "finished" square purely for your amusement, but of course I forgot the next day until I had already frogged it back. It definitely looks much better with the entire pattern completed, I assure you!

My second Square came along much quicker, but still took me another two days to complete. I really like it in the gray. I think it shows the texture of this pattern much better than the cream does.
Patchwork Mystery CAL week Eight grey crochet square
I didn't get around to blocking these this week, and I haven't finished my third square yet, but I'll forgive me. Perhaps week 9 will be another fast one, and I'll catch up. Maybe it will be super intricate and set me back a little more. That's the beauty of the Patchwork Mystery CAL. It truly is a mystery!

Until next week, Happy Hooking!
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