How I get FREE MONEY to buy yarn

How I get FREE MONEY to buy yarn

Straight Hooked FREE Money

Happy Friday! This has been a busy week here at Straight Hooked Headquarters (aka my living room). Between myself and the Jr. Hooker, we have sent 2 patterns out to testers. I have started and completed another new design I will be posting a testing call for in the next couple of weeks, and I have been working hard on a lot of the boring behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps this website up and running. A week like this gives little time for "normal" stuff, like grocery shopping!

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Here's a little sneak peek of the 2 new patterns currently in testing. They will be released in June, so make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter so you will be the FIRST to know (and maybe get an exclusive discount too!)

Straight Hooked Mermaid Waves Shawl

The Mermaid Waves Shawl

Straight Hooked Pen and Gwen penguins

"Pen and Gwen" baby penguins created by the Jr. Hooker


Are you still reading? Wondering about the free money I lured you in here with? Keep reading:

 Straight Hooked FREE Money Pinterest 2

I feel a little guilty, because I have been holding on to this secret for a bit. I get FREE money to use as I please, which for me means buying yarn. Not even kidding! I use an app when I go grocery shopping, and they give me money back on items I purchase. But that’s not all- they even give me BONUS money for completing small goals too! Just this week, I ordered groceries online through Walmart Grocery, drove down the street to the Walmart, waited while the nice masked man placed them all carefully in my car, and the next morning I got a notification on my phone that I had earned almost $23 for that one shopping trip! I have only been using the app since April, and I already have almost $60 in my account!

Straight Hooked FREE money screenshot

There are even teamwork bonuses, which means that my friends and I can help each other earn extra money just by earning money! Do you want to be on my team and get some FREE money for yarn (or whatever you want to buy) too? Great! All you have to do it use my referral code when you set up your account, and we will start earning money together!

Straight Hooked FREE Money Screenshot 2

Guess what else is awesome about this app! You aren’t limited to just groceries. There are TONS of deals from lots of online and in-store retailers, even Joann! Yeah, you read that right. I can take my FREE money and buy yarn at Joann, and then get MORE money back for submitting my Joann’s receipt! Are you kidding me? The rewards just keep on coming!

Here’s how YOU can get in on this awesome deal: Go to your phone’s app store, and download the Ibotta app. When you set up your account, use this referral code: rubfskr

IMPORTANT! We can’t be “friends” on the app if you don’t use that code when you set up your account. There is no option to add that code after you’ve created your account, so make sure you enter it right away!

There are literally TONS of stores you can redeem offers at, from nearly every grocery store in the US to places like PetSmart, 7-11, Home Depot, Walgreens, Dominos Pizza, Joann, and on and on. It is only available to U.S. residents (sorry, my international friends!)

Straight Hooked FREE Money Screenshot 3

These are only a few of the many many places you can use this awesome app! I just took a quick screenshot, but each of of those lists scrolls to the right for quite a while.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Welcome Bonus! You get a $20 bonus for signing up if you redeem just a few offers in the first 2 weeks after opening your account. See what I mean? FREE MONEY! (P.S. I didn’t earn the Welcome Bonus because I had the app on my phone unused for a couple of months, and I’ve STILL earned almost $60 since I actually started using the app in April!)

So why wait? Go download the Ibotta app, be sure to enter my code: rubfskr when you sign up, and let’s start earning together! Click HERE for an easy link, which should take you right to the app so you can download right away, and start earning FREE MONEY!

*Please note: This post was in no way sponsored by Ibotta or its affiliates. I am just so excited about how easy it is to get FREE money, especially right now, and I wanted to tell all of my friends!

So I guess that's all of my news for now. Don't forget, we've got TWO new patterns coming out next month, plus some more awesome roundups, so be sure you're subscribed to the Straight Awesome newsletter!

Until next time,

Happy Hooking!

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@Jayne, Lucy has since grown up a bit and treats her ami toys like they are a special treasure. She sits in my lap while I crochet, so now she understands how much time goes in. I love that little baby girl! Aren’t Shih Tzus the best? :)


Yup!! I’ve saved $200 of FREE money just at Joann’s!!!


bummer its not uk too, you would be drowing in wooly stuff just off my shopping alone, feeding the bloody five thousand here. Oh yeah came across your blog whilst looking at something else, the shih tzu got me with his fish, I’ve got a shih tzu, he eats everything I make, so i feel your pain. Love the little penguins up there ^ :)


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