Friendship Prayer Shawl- Pattern Release

Friendship Prayer Shawl- Pattern Release

Straight Hooked Friendship Prayer Shawl

Happy Friday again! Can you believe it is finally August? This year has really been dragging along, hasn’t it? I’ll be honest, July seemed like it lasted for 3 months- at least for me. But it’s over now, and we are well into the second half of this crazy year! I was at the grocery store the other day, and I saw Halloween candy on display already. I don’t think I have ever seen it out so early. Must not be just me who wants to hit fast forward and get on to 2021, lol.

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 Straight Hooked Friendship Prayer Shawl pattern release

The Friendship Prayer Shawl is going to be your favorite Fall Accessory. Plenty of drape and just enough ventilation to keep you cute, cozy and not too hot as fall comes around. My testers loved the pattern and their finished shawls, and I know you will too!

 Straight Hooked Friendship Prayer Shawl Tester PhotoStraight Hooked Friendship Prayer Shawl Tester Photo

I came across 3 balls of Lion Brand Mandala Ombre while in the Walmart, and I snatched them up. They turned out to be absolutely perfect for this design. The yarn is super soft, the colorways are stunning, and the weight is thicker than regular Mandala, but a little thinner than traditional worsted weight. (Don’t worry- if you have traditional worsted, your Friendship Prayer Shawl will still be stunning, I promise!)

 Straight Hooked Friendship Prayer Shawl back detail

For this pattern, you will need a 5mm hook and 1025 yards of your favorite worsted weight yarn. The colorway I chose is called Tranquil. The tassels are optional, but I’m on a bit of a tassel kick at the moment, and I couldn’t resist making big colorful tassels for my shawl.

 Straight Hooked Friendship Prayer Shawl Front with Tassels

This design is a cousin to the Friendship Triangle Scarf, as it has very similar design elements but with a few changes to keep it unique.

 Straight Hooked Friendship Prayer Shawl pattern release

You can grab your copy of the Friendship Prayer Shawl below, and be sure to take lots of photos to share with me. I love seeing your work!

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Thank you so much for offering this pattern!! I don’t need the whole bundle, but this is one of the items I saw that I knew I didn’t want to miss!!


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