Fabulous Fall Fashion Crochet Patterns Part Two- Sweater Edition

Fabulous Fall Fashion Crochet Patterns Part Two- Sweater Edition

Straight Hooked 21 Crochet Sweater Patterns

Happy Friday! Can you believe September is almost over already? The last couple of months have really zipped by for me, which is nice, considering how exceptionally interesting 2020 has been thus far. We're just about 75% of the way through this crazy year though, so give yourself a high five for me!

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One of the things that has been on my hooking bucket list for a long time has been to crochet me a sweater. I bought a really cute pattern a few months ago, and have been itching for the free time to make it, but haven't yet had the chance. As luck would have it though, the designer of that pattern came up with a fabulous new sweater pattern and chose me as one of her testers. Having a deadline really helped me to be able to sit down and make me a sweater, and I am so thrilled with the result!

Straight Hooked Malena in Bayside Sweater

My talented daughter styled my hair and took the photos. Too bad she couldn't do anything about my RBF, hahaha!

Straight Hooked Malena in Bayside Sweater

Stephanie, the designer, thought of everything for this pattern. There are even thumb holes on the sleeves!

Straight Hooked Malena in Bayside Sweater

AND it has an optional hood! (And I have a "sweater boner" in this picture, but we can overlook that) This sweater is called the Bayside Sweater, and I have included a link to the pattern in this week's roundup, so keep scrolling!


 Straight Hooked Fabulous Fall Fashion Crochet Patterns Part 2

In celebration of my first sweater, Part Two of the Fabulous Fall Fashion Crochet Pattern Roundup is all about sweaters! Here are some of my favorite designs from a bunch of my yarny friends! I hope you will share pictures of your finished (or even in-progress) sweaters with me either on Facebook, Instagram or by sending me an email!



Straight Hooked Vestige Pullover Fosbas Designs

Vestige Pullover from Fosbas Designs ($)



Straight Hooked Sideways Jumper Blue Star Crochet

Sideways Jumper from Blue Star Crochet (free)



Straight Hooked Super Chunk Kimono Cardi Crochet With Mary Beth

Super Chunk Kimono Cardi from Crochet With Mary Beth ($)


Straight Hooked Every Day Striped Cardigan MJ's Off The Hook Designs

Every Day Striped Cardigan from MJ’s Off The Hook Designs (free)


Straight Hooked Hometown Cardigan Knitting With Chopsticks

Hometown Cardigan from Knitting With Chopsticks (free)

Straight Hooked Bifrost Sweater Rebecca Velasquez

Bifrost Sweater from Rebecca Velasquez (free)


 Straight Hooked Camelia Sweater Two Brothers Blankets

Camellia Sweater from Two Brothers Blankets ($)



Straight Hooked Valencia Infinity Cable Sweater Briana K Designs

Valencia Infinity Cable Sweater from Briana K Designs ($)


Straight Hooked Marley Sweater Burgundy and Blush

Marley Sweater from Burgundy and Blush (free)


Straight Hooked Kimono Cardigan Fosbas Designs

Kimono Cardigan from Fosbas Designs ($)


Straight Hooked X-Capade Cardigan Creations By Courtney

X-Capade Cardigan from Creations by Courtney ($)



 Straight Hooked Mathilda's Crochet Cardigan Knitting With Chopsticks

Mathilda’s Easy Crochet Cardigan from Knitting With Chopsticks (free)



Straight Hooked Its Not Just Cricket Sweater Dora Does

It’s Just Not Cricket Sweater from Dora Does ($)


Straight Hooked Kamila Cardigan Hooked On Patterns

Kamila Cardigan from Hooked On Patterns ($)



 Straight Hooked Bliss Pocket Cardigan Fosbas Designs

Bliss Pocket Cardigan from Fosbas Designs ($)


Straight Hooked Keck Sweater Rebecca Velasquez

Keck Sweater from Rebecca Velasquez (free)



Straight Hooked Channelside Hoodie Chunky Hunky Creations

 Channelside Hoodie from Chunky Hunky Creations ($)




Straight Hooked Southern Pines Sweater Dora Does

Southern Pines Sweater from Dora Does ($)





Straight Hooked Aurora Cardigan A Crocheted Simplicity

Aurora Cardigan from A Crocheted Simplicity (free)





Straight Hooked Holiday Poncho Cardigan Jenny and Teddy

Holiday Poncho Cardigan from Jenny and Teddy (free)





Straight Hooked Bayside Sweater Chunky Hunky Creations

Bayside Sweater from Chunky Hunky Creations ($)




 Straight Hooked Fabulous Fall Fashion Crochet Patterns




Straight Hooked Malena blooper photo

I hope that this list of patterns brought you half as much excitement as it brought me.I love being able to share patterns with you, and I hope you will share photos of your work with me! And as a bonus for you if you've taken the time to read this whole post, here's a blooper photo from my Bayside Sweater photoshoot!




Make sure you are subscribed to the Straight Awesome newsletter, and you bookmark this site, because the Fabulous Fall Fashion roundup isn't over yet! I have more patterns to share with you next week, and new designs of my own coming later in October, so stay tuned!


Until next time,

Happy Hooking!


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