2 Types of crocheters: Those who love Amigurumi and those who no not

2 Types of crocheters: Those who love Amigurumi and those who no not


2 types of crocheters Straighthooked.com

I believe that there are 2 types of crocheters: those who love to make amigurumi and those who do not. Now, before I start getting flooded with commentary telling me how I am so wrong, let me state for the record that I have done no research outside of my own house to back up my theory. In my house, there are 2 crocheters. One who makes amazing ami creations and one who possibly could if she tried, but does not. I am the gal who makes none, and its unfortunate, really. I wish I loved to make cute creatures, but that was ruined for me 7 years ago.
crocheted fish Amigurumi orange red burgundy side profile StraightHooked Straight Hooked
In January of 2012, I purchased a small amigurumi kit that came with a book and yarn to make a couple of the items in the book. I decided to make a fish, and the learning curve was steep. I had never crocheted in a continuous round before, and I also did not know what stitch markers even were, let alone that they would come in most handy while making ami. Have I ever mentioned that my least favorite of all crochet stitches is the single crochet? Did you know that when doing ami, you almost exclusively single crochet? So with a too-small-for-the-yarn hook, no stitch markers, meticulous counting required and a myriad of interruptions, it took me about 4 days to finish this little fish.

crocheted Amigurumi fish orange and red burgundy background straight hooked StraightHooked crochet

crocheted Amigurumi fish orange red burgundy side profile StraightHooked Straight Hooked crochet

I'll be honest, I was wicked proud of my fish. I even busted out my big camera to get excellent pictures of it! But then I made a HUGE error in judgment- I gave it to my then 1 year old shih tzu. The fish died a horrible death before the day was out.
black and white shih tzu crocheted Amigurumi fish orange red bad dog bad puppy naughty pet StraightHooked Straight Hooked
To say that I was mildly annoyed is an understatement. I couldn't be mad at the dog for not valuing my time, but I sure was mad at me for giving it to her in the first place. And I HATE when I piss me off! I was so mad in fact, that I swore off amigurumi for years.

destroyed crocheted Amigurumi fish orange and red unraveled StraightHooked Straight Hooked
destroyed Amigurumi fish orange red crochet crocheted StraightHooked Straight Hooked
I pinned a lot of cute toys that I wished I were patient enough to make, but I never tried again until last summer when I randomly decided to try again. The result was the Mystery Bear, and if you missed it, you can read the story here: https://www.straighthooked.com/blogs/crochet/the-story-of-the-mystery-bear

crocheted Amigurumi bear grey white outdoor ugly bear StraightHooked Straight Hooked crochet

Around the same time, my daughter had been rummaging through my crochet stash and found my book with the fish pattern. She decided to make a couple of the items in the book, and very quickly developed a true talent for ami. As soon as she understood how the stitches are manipulated to create different shapes, she was designing her own ami critters.

crocheted Amigurumi bear blue white purple cute StraightHooked Straight Hooked crochet
crocheted Amigurumi bear empty inside secret compartment StraightHooked Straight Hooked crochet
She asked me while I was gearing up to launch Straight Hooked if I would be willing to let her sell some of her creations on my website, and I told her that I would consider it only if they were quality. She learned the necessary adjustments she needed to make to transform her creations from looking hobbyish to professional, and has only improved since.

crocheted Amigurumi moogle white red pompom adorable crochet original design StraightHooked Straight Hooked crochet
crocheted Amigurumi super Mario brothers mushrooms Nintendo console StraightHooked Straight Hooked crochet
I understand that there is a "mom goggle" factor I have to contend with, but honestly, he blows me away with her creativity. She just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, and I love that she and I share a hobby and can compliment one anothers strengths to be able to have a very wide spectrum of items we can design and sell. My husband gets annoyed with us sometimes because we speak in fluent yarnese and he doesn't have much to add to the conversation. Don't get me wrong, he is incredibly supportive of both of us and always compliments our creations and suggests new ideas, but he does grow weary of the only conversation in the house revolving around fiber parts. What can I say? We love yarn!

crocheted Amigurumi paw patrol sweetie handmade crochet doll StraightHooked Straight Hooked

So after watching my amazing daughter learn and master amigurumi in only a few months, and seeing her awesome ideas come to form, do I want to try a 3rd time to make something? Nope. She and I have very different strengths when it comes to crochet, and that's just plain rad. I know that when I just have to have a stuffed dinosaur, she can deliver. She knows that when the time comes that she will be requiring blankets and clothes for some grandbabies, I'm her gal.

crocheted Amigurumi deadpool Marianas Trench moogle Koala super Mario mushrooms pac man reversible pac man ghosts raccoon navi owl crochet StraightHooked Straight Hooked original designs paid patterns

Two kinds of crocheters (at least in this house): those who love to do ami, and those who don't. And that's just perfect.

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