Hooked In: With Straight Hooked

It also occurred to me that after 4 years of being in business, I never really properly introduced myself to you. So, as a preview of what's coming in 2023, I am going to sit down for an interview with myself so you can get to know me (and Straight Hooked) a little bit better. (Is this weird? Its kinda weird, but we're gonna roll with it!)

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Storybook Scarf- FREE Crochet Pattern

When I saw the new Lion Brand Mandala Sequins yarn winking at me, I just couldn't help myself. As I was working up the Storybook Scarf design, the combinations of the bright colors, sequins and the texture reminded me of a book my daughter had so many moons ago when she a tiny tot. Does the scarf remind you of a specific book from the early 2000s? (I asked my daughter when she came to visit a couple weeks ago, and she did not think of it, so don't feel bad if it hasn't come to you yet!)

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Pattern Release: the Spiral Donut Cowl

I made my Spiral Donut Cowl using one ball of Lion Brand Mandala Sparkle in the Aquarius colorway. I absolutely love the Mandala yarn, and you will find that I use it in many of my designs. The yarn is super easy to work with, and I have yet to find a colorway that I dislike! The Spiral Donut Cowl is constructed from post stitches in the round, then joined together to create a donut shape.

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Pattern Release: the Hillside Hooded Capelet

The Hillside Hooded Capelet is one size fits most, and the pattern is easy to follow. This is a great pattern for a beginning crocheter who wants to start venturing into wearables, or for an advanced crocheter who wants a semi-mindless project to work on while watching something on the tv. It has simple repeats with just enough change to keep you from getting bored!

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Fabulous Fall Scarf- FREE Crochet Pattern

I love the Ferris Wheel yarn because the colorways are gorgeous and the yarn is made specifically for crocheters as it is spun in a "Z" twist. The Fabulous Fall scarf uses mainly basic stitches, with a couple of easy to learn stitches thrown in. You may be unfamiliar with the stacked single crochet method, but it is super easy once you get the hang of it and the end result is so much neater than using a turning chain to begin a row.

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Pattern Release: the Tic Tac Toasty Shawl

I used just about 2 balls of Lion Brand Mandala in the Wizard colorway for my Tic Tac Toasty Shawl design sample. I have been holding on to that yarn for 2 or 3 years, because nothing I was designing was "right' for that colorway. I sure am glad that I waited so long to use it, because I am in love with the bright happy colors that match the changing colors outside!

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Pattern Release: the Deep Breaths Beanie

This is my 3rd year participating in this event, and I am so honored that each year I am able to celebrate my dad's birthday with a new hat design. My father passed away from Glioblastoma 16 years ago, and every year my crochet friends are kind enough to let me have the October 5th slot for the Cancer Challenge to honor him.

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