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Straight Hooked crochet patterns are designed to be easy to follow, yet look complicated and always garner lots of compliments when the project is complete!

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Dazzling Bows Shawl- FREE Crochet Pattern

I saw a brief video of a similar stitch one day, and it was unfortunately linked to a scam website with stolen patterns in a different language. There were many comments on the video from crocheters requesting the pattern in English, so after watching it a few times I came up with my own variation- AND I even made a tutorial video for you, as the pattern itself is quite easy, but explaining the technique in written form was a bit of a challenge and I wanted to give you a visual to go along with what I have written.

10 Crochet Patterns for Baby

My friends and I are offering a selection of 10 adorable baby crochet patterns that you can grab for just $2.00 each- with no discount code needed- from March 10 through March 22, 2024. I have linked all of the patterns below, plus a link to each designer so you can learn more about them and where to find more of their gorgeous designs!

Diamondback Scarf- FREE Crochet Pattern

I designed the Diamondback Scarf as part of the 2024 Gift to Myself CAL, hosted by Underground Crafter. We spend so much time crocheting items for loved ones and for donation, at times it seems we have hooked and hooked with nothing to show for it, so I just love the spirit of this event- it is okay to put our talents to use on a "selfish" project! You can proudly wear this scarf, knowing you will get lots of compliments and every time someone asks, "where did you get that?" You can say, "oh, I made it!"
Everyone deserves some crochet in their life. Whether it be making a project themselves, or receiving the gift of a "yarn hug", Straight Hooked is here for you!