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Straight Hooked crochet patterns are designed to be easy to follow, yet look complicated and always garner lots of compliments when the project is complete!

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May is shaping up to be a very fun month in crochet, and if you are in need of some great patterns at an even greater price, you have arrived in just the right place! From May 6-19, 2024 you can grab each of these 14 patterns for just $2.00 each when you use the code at checkout.

Pattern Release: the Crinkle Crayon

I loved that this was another design that named itself. As I mentioned, I used 3 colors of scrap yarn, not intentionally but because I underestimated the amount of yarn I had balled up- twice- and had to change colors. Between the color changes and the shape of the water bottle sleeve, it looked like a crayon. And the empty water bottle inside makes a lot of crinkly sounds. "Crinkle Crayon" was a no-brainer!

Dazzling Bows Shawl- FREE Crochet Pattern

I saw a brief video of a similar stitch one day, and it was unfortunately linked to a scam website with stolen patterns in a different language. There were many comments on the video from crocheters requesting the pattern in English, so after watching it a few times I came up with my own variation- AND I even made a tutorial video for you, as the pattern itself is quite easy, but explaining the technique in written form was a bit of a challenge and I wanted to give you a visual to go along with what I have written.
Everyone deserves some crochet in their life. Whether it be making a project themselves, or receiving the gift of a "yarn hug", Straight Hooked is here for you!