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Straight Hooked crochet patterns are designed to be easy to follow, yet look complicated and always garner lots of compliments when the project is complete!

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13 Crochet Patterns for Scrapbusting

As you probably know, the more projects you crochet the more leftover yarn you accumulate. You don't have enough of the yarn to make a huge project, but its far too much leftover to just throw away, and over time your stock of half-skeins begins to become a special yarn collection of its own. In order to make space to buy new yarn, you have to use up the old, but on what? My friends and I have got you covered!

Pattern Release: the Gentle Kisses Baby Blanket

I love using different stitch combinations to create textures that you can see and feel, but I don't like to use stitch combinations that are too open for baby designs because I would never want a tiny finger or toe to become entangled in something created from my pattern. Still, I did want a nice unique texture to this blanket and I achieved this with tiny crossed stitches that look like "x" s. Since "x" is a typical abbreviation for kiss, I thought Gentle Kisses was the perfect name for this design!
Everyone deserves some crochet in their life. Whether it be making a project themselves, or receiving the gift of a "yarn hug", Straight Hooked is here for you!