Patchwork Mystery CAL Week Three

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Three crocheted square
Another week down on the Patchwork Mystery CAL! This week's square is called Twisted Times and was designed by  Courtney Lang from Made With Love and Yarn. Find her pattern HERE. This one was really challenging at first, but thankfully each week includes a tutorial video for the pattern, because I needed it for a few rows! On a side note, the lady on the video has the most delightful Australian accent. I usually avoid watching videos because I find some people's voices to be so irritating, and when I realized that I was utterly confused and needed to be shown how to do a part, I was nervous. It was such a delightful surprise, and her fingernails were stunning! Ugly hands don't bother me, but recently I read a whole thread of people talking about what drives them nuts in a tutorial video, and gross fingernails was the biggest complaint, so I thought I'd go ahead and address her gorgeous nails :)

Patchwork Mystery CAL week Three crocheted square
I'm still questioning my use of black in this project, because I'm really starting to love the green, cream and grey on their own. I feel like the black is a very harsh contrast, like its angry and shouting at me. I had better decide quickly if I'm keeping or scrapping the black before too many weeks pass and I don't have time to redo so many squares! What do you think of the black? Keep it or scrap it?

Patchwork Mystery CAL weeks one through three crocheted squares

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